The Black Hack open game content

This project offers the open game content related to the Roleplaying Game "The Black Hack", written by David Black and published by Square Hex.

Since the text and tables are open game content, it's reproduced here so anybody can pick this content, play with it, hack it, translate it, etc. without having to ask for permission. Any usage of this open game content not covered by the License is strictly prohibited.

"The Black Hack" and all artwork, logos and layout are product identity and are not open game content.

The name "The Black Hack" is used here with kind permission of the author.

See the License page for more details.

List of available texts

"The Black Hack" core rules are currently available in 9 languages (and soon, yours?):




Português Brasileiro






PDF downloads

If you want, you can download all the available translations as PDF files.


If you have any remark, noticed any typo, or want to add a translation in your language, please proceed to the Github project and follow the instructions. Although it's easier if you're a Github user, you can contribute without it, via email or other communication channels.